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Chill Room

Chillin' at NPES
Early years of a child's life and education are critical. Oftentimes, students come to school and are not quite ready to learn for the day...Maybe they had a rough morning and late start to school, maybe there was a family tragedy, or maybe their parents are going through a divorce. Regardless of the severity, sometimes students just need a time to chill. 
We built a space in our library to help students regulate their emotions on an as-needed basis. Students are able to speak with a staff member if needed, or can utilize the calming activities and strategies in the room. Available in the space are breathing exercises, yoga poses, social-emotional focused stories, apology letter outlines, sensory items, weighted stuffed animals and weighted blankets. We were so happy to be able to provide this safe, healing space for our students when they are having a bad day or just simply need a break.