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WIN Time

What I Need Time, is a daily built in intervention to meet the needs of every student! 
Students that need challenged are given an opportunity to partake in Project Based Learning activities or STEM based activities to push beyond the knowledge they have and challenge them to think more deeply and in different ways. Students that need re-teaching, more practice with content, or need it brought to them in a different way are given this time to gain mastery on grade level standards.  
How is my student placed?
Grade levels split their students into three groups based on a pre-test, assessment given, or program data (iStation, Waterford). These groups are fluid and can change throughout the year, based on growth and mastery of content. 
How is WIN Time different than the rest of the day? 
WIN Time is a time where students are able to focus on specific content and/or skills to master. During this 40 minute block, students are in small groups within a classroom. Typically the teacher breaks the students into 3 or 4 groups; teacher led group, independent/student led group, technology group, and hands-on group. The idea of this time is to have small group support from teachers, to have hands on activities for kids to practice skills, and to provide students the ability to feel success, build on skills, and be met at their level. 
Why does my child LOVE WIN Time? 
When asked what their favorite subject is, over 1/3 of our student population chose WIN time. Some of the following were comments students wrote about this time (there may be some words mispelled and punctuation missing - but I felt necessary to share EXACTLY what they wrote): 
  • W.I.N. is my favorite subject because I can interact with my learning than just be told the main idea of what I'm learning and just remember it. I get to build my imagination on real objects and tools.
  • I like WIN becase its like a fun way to get what you need done.
  • Because win helps you on stuff that you do not know
  • It's my favorite subject because, I get to do a few diffirent things instead of just one. That's why I love win
  • WIN is my favorite because its fun and it gives me a chance to test my brain.
  • WIN Because it helps me in other classes a lot.😃
  • Because we do activites and it is not boring.
  • because there is games and it is really fun. Also hands on is really fun because you do bingo and stuff