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Exemplary education
community and school

New Plymouth Elementary Staff believe:
•All children have dignity and worth.
•There is a joint responsibility between children, parents, and school to help children become learners and self managers in a variety of environments.
•Self management training enables students to make appropriate choices and develop a positive self concept.
•It is our responsibility to provide a safe learning environment with consistent incentives and consequences.
•Learning effective communication techniques will foster positive relationships.
•It is essential that students develop strong foundations in all academic areas.
•It is vital for students to be able to use technology to become effective communicators.
•A school should produce life-long learners, promote responsible citizenship, and assure academic success for all.

New Plymouth Parent-Student Handbook



Parents and adult friends and patrons are encouraged to visit our school at any time. Due to safety issues, visitors and parents must check in through the office upon entering the school. Children MUST NOT be taken from the building without the teacher and the office being informed. Parents and visitors are requested to respect the bus loading areas and the student loading area. If you need to leave your car, please park in the parking lot. Do not leave your car unattended in the Student Loading Area.


Children may visit only when accompanied by an adult.


Students needing to be released early or going home for lunch must bring a note from a parent or guardian. Those who go home every day need only one note. Those who go home only on occasion must bring a note each time.


Because some of our students change their routine plans without the approval or knowledge of their parents, we require a note or call from parents advising us of any change in a student’s routine schedule. Regularly scheduled changes in routine, such as weekly church or activity meetings need only be requested once. The note will be maintained in our file and the student will be allowed to follow this schedule until further notice. Lacking a note or call from parents, students will be sent home by their usual means. We understand that unforeseen emergencies can occur from time to time. However, if you have a change in plans for your child, please try to call before 1:00 p.m.

Children need fresh air and physical activity except under special conditions. For a child to stay in during recess time, a note is required. 


Students dropped off before 7:30 are unsupervised. The school day begins at 8:25 for all grades. Students are dismissed at 3:10. The building closes at 3:30. If students have not been picked up by 3:30 & the office has not been contacted by a parent or guardian, Payette County dispatch will be contacted to take custody of the child until a parent or guardian has been reached. School is out at 12:10 on early dismissal days. Students must be picked by 12:30. It would be unsafe for an elementary student to be unattended after the building has closed.


For school closure information please tune to radio station KSRV FM 96.1 or AM 1380 (Ontario) or television channels 2, 6, and 7. These stations are contacted immediately after the decision to close school is made.

The following guidelines will be enforced:

Appropriate clothing enhances a student’s self-esteem and encourages a good working atmosphere. Students should dress in good taste, appropriate for the occasion.
* Shoes must be worn at all times in order to protect the feet from injury. Shoes should always be the type which will enable students to participate safely in all school activities, especially physical education. 
*Halters, net tops, or bare midriff tops are not to be worn to school.
*Shorts may be worn at any time. Shorts must be no shorter than where the finger tips would reach with arms held straight down.
*No biker (Spandex) shorts or excessively tight shorts will be allowed.
*Cut-offs are not allowed unless they have been cuffed to the appropriate length.
*Sweat shorts must be hemmed.
*Clothing with obscene/indecent language, sayings or pictures or depicting substances that are illegal for minors, are not to be worn. 
*Any clothing that symbolizes or is related to gang behavior is not acceptable. This determination will be made by the school resource officer.

Failure to comply will result in a call home with a request to bring acceptable attire to the student.


Due to latex allergies, all balloon deliveries will be kept in the office until the end of the day.
Please make sure to contact your child's teacher about birthday parties for the class. Please bring any napkins, bowls, or silverware that will be needed for classroom treats as they will not be available for classroom parties.

1. Be respectful of everyone. Show the staff you are ready to learn!
2. Respect the property of everyone. Do not take what is not yours, take care of our school.
3. Keep hands, feet and other objects to yourself.
4. Follow directions from those in charge. Treat staff as you want to be treated.
5. Students are solely responsible for their toys and other personal items at school. Parents are to use discretion in sending these items as the school will not be responsible for them. Items such as radios, CD & MP3 players, hard balls, Game Boys, toy knives and toy guns must not be brought to school
Cell phones must be turned off and kept in backpacks. If the phone or other items that should not be brought to school are used by the student, the teacher will send them to the office and the principal will keep the item until a parent comes to claim them. 
6. Use language appropriate for school.
7. Gum chewing is unacceptable at school.
8. Students are not allowed in the classroom until 8:20 unless in the company of a staff member or parent. 
9. Student’s school day begins at 8:25. 


1. Use sidewalks and crosswalks. Be respectful of others property.
2. Fighting, kicking, hitting, and spitting will not be tolerated. 
Incidents of bullying or harassment will be reported to the principal and the school resource officer may be involved. 
3. Walk bikes when crossing in front of school crosswalks and follow all bike safety rules.
4. For children’s security, students leaving school during school hours must be picked up at the office.
5. Teachers and students will walk with the class out of the building to their arranged dismissal place.
6. Students meeting someone after school will wait in front of the building next to the wall.
7. Visiting children may attend school ONLY WHEN ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT.

Dismissal Procedure

Parents may pick up students in the Student Loading Area. Do not leave your car unattended. If you need to leave your vehicle, please park in the parking lot. 

***Students will be dismissed at 3:15 each day. To avoid confusion and errors we will not be calling students from their classroom after 3:00. Please plan to wait for your children until they are dismissed at 3:15.


1. Students will act safely and obey all building, playground, cafeteria, bus, and other classroom rules.
2. Students will be honest, courteous, and respect the rights and property of others.
3. Students will be cooperative and obey the directions of supervising adults.
4. Students will dress in good taste appropriate for the occasion.
5. Wearing hats in the classroom is not acceptable.


1. Food should not be taken from the cafeteria.
2. Students may visit quietly with the people next to them.
3. When lights are dimmed students will sit quietly.
4. Students will use proper table manners and clean up after themselves.
5. Trading food is considered unhealthy and is highly discouraged.


1. Use gym equipment safely and correctly.
2. Students will not be able to participate in PE activites if their shoes are inappropriate. Examples would be flip-flops or high heels.
3. Stop activities immediately when the bell rings or the whistle blows.
4. Students are allowed to play in the gym only when in the company of a staff member.


1. If a student loses a book, the student will be required to pay for or replace that book.
2. No refunds will be given on monies that are used to replace books that have been lost. Students may either choose to keep the book or donate it back to the library.
3. The library will be open at 8:00 a.m. Students may use the outside library door or get a pass in the lobby to go down the hallway to the library.


Acceptable Behavior – Play safely for yourself and others. Listen to the teacher or assistant the first time.
Not Playing Properly – Tackle football, throwing sand, bark, gravel, going across the ditch, parking lot or road, sliding on ice, throwing snowballs, standing under dripping eaves or eating on the playground and using playground equipment inappropriately 
Every effort is made by staff to first give a verbal warning, and then next ask the child to stand against the wall outside for a brief time out. However, some actions because of severity may have a formal time out as described in the “School Discipline” section. Parents will receive a discipline report and be asked to develop a plan for behavior improvement. The form should be returned to the office the next day. The student is not allowed on the playground until the form is returned. 
“Time out” position- Student stands facing wall.


Good school discipline occurs when three conditions exist:
1. The student develops attitudes conducive to self-discipline and responsibility,
2. The school establishes appropriate policies and consistently enforces them, and,
3. The parents and the school cooperate in the development of acceptable behavior.

Consequences for Non Compliance:
Students are expected to be responsible for their own behavior. When they choose to behave irresponsibly, it is necessary to provide behavioral limits that will encourage them to become responsible.
Students are encouraged to be aware of rules by:
A. Classroom instructions, 
B. Posted rules, and,
C. Written rules given to parents and signed acknowledgement returned to the school.

Sequence of Consequences: 
1. Verbal warnings or isolation against the wall will be used for minor infractions.
2. Time Out will be used for major offenses such as safety issues, disrespect, profanity/obscenity, bullying/harassment and excessive physical contact, or vandalism. 
*Any or all of these steps may be omitted at the discretion of the principal or designee. If appropriate, a personal behavior management program may be developed for a student demonstrating irresponsible behavior.


Suspension from school will occur for the following reasons:
1. Possession of alcohol, tobacco (in any form) or illegal drugs.
2. Threats or extortion (of money or favors).
3. Turning in a false fire alarm or bomb threat.
4. Forgery—notes, excuses, or other school documents.
5. Vandalism—major acts of vandalism to school property. 
Parents are responsible for all damage incurred by their children.
6. Possession of weapons.
7. Other serious infractions of behavior standards not identified above which could be considered damaging to the welfare of the school or building property, staff, students.
Suspension from school may occur for the following reasons:
1. Insubordination
2. Fighting — causing physical harm to another student or adult.
3. Possession of matches or lighters during the school day or at school-sponsored activities. (These items will be confiscated.)
4. Theft of school property or from persons while on school property, or at school sponsored events.


New Plymouth Elementary Student Computer, 
Network, and Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Click here to see the New Plymouth School District #372 Acceptable Use of Internet, Computer, Email and Network Resources for Students: Use Policy 698F1

The following is an interpretation of the New Plymouth School District #372 Information Network Service Acceptable Use Policy (IIB6-81495). It is intended to help young students understand what is acceptable behavior with the use of technology. A copy of the complete District AUP is available if requested.


Students are responsible for appropriate behavior on the school’s computer network just as they are in a classroom or on a school playground. The use of the network is a privilege, not a right, and this privilege may be taken away if abused. The District utilizes an Internet Filtering System (BESS) on all teacher, lab, and student computers, but students are additionally warned never to access, keep, or send anything that they would not want their parents or teachers to see. 

Rules for computer use

1. Do not do anything to the computer, mouse, headphones, keyboard, cables, CDs, or printers that would break them or 
cause them not to work.
2. Use only your name and password. 
Never use another person’s name and password. Personal folders are like school 
lockers. Never trespass in another person’s folder, work, or files.
3. Never draw pictures or write words using the computer that you would not want your parents or teacher to see. If you 
see something on your computer screen that makes you feel uncomfortable, report it immediately to your teacher. 
4. Never write or send messages that you think will make another person feel bad or make them angry.
5. It is wrong to copy someone’s work unless you have their permission and include their name on it.
6. Supplies such as paper, ink, and time on the computer are limited resources. Do not waste them. 
Print only when your teacher tells you. Use your time on the computer wisely. 
7. Do not buy or sell anything using a school computer unless it is part of a class project with your teacher’s supervision. 
8. Do not use email at school unless it is part of a class project with your teacher’s supervision.
9. Never give out personal information on the school internet network such as your full name, address, telephone 
number, school address, or send a picture of yourself without your teacher’s approval. 




Non-prescription medications that need to be taken during school hours must be in the original container, and must be accompanied by a note from the parent/guardian that includes the name of the medication, dose, time to be given, and the signature of the parent/guardian.


Prescription medications will only be given to students at school under the following conditions:

1. Medication is required during school hours, 
2. The medication is brought to the school in the prescription bottle (container dispensed by the doctor’s office or pharmacy)
3. It is accompanied by a 
signed authorization from a health care provider authorized to prescribe medications, indicating: name of medication dose to be given time to be given
4. We have written or verbal authorization from the parent to give the medication.
5. For students to be able to carry their inhaler or epi-pen with them at school, the doctor’s note must state that the student may carry the inhaler or epi-pen. 
* See New Plymouth School District Policy JHCCB for explanation of medication policy. 


 Revised 6/06

Students must not exceed more than nine absences in any one semester. Regular and consistent attendance is a vital part of a person’s education and preparation for life and is necessary for school work. School District No. 372 expects each person enrolled in the elementary school to be in attendance in every class every day school is in session unless excused by a justifiable absence. 

Absence is defined as:

1. Personal or serious family illness. Written certification from a licensed practitioner may be required in cases of absences due to extended or chronic illness.
2. Death in the family or close friend of the family.
3. Students who exhibit symptoms of infections or contagious diseases must be excused from school after a parent or guardian has been notified.
4. Medical and dental appointments.
5. Prearranged absence.


Students must not exceed more than nine absences in any one semester. 
Each kindergarten day is counted as two days present or absent. Regular and consistent attendance is a vital part of a person’s education and preparation for life and is necessary for school work. School District No. 372 expects each person enrolled in the elementary school to be in attendance in every class every day school is in session unless excused by a justifiable absence. PARENTS SHOULD CONTACT THE SCHOOL BY PHONE OR BY NOTE WHEN A CHILD IS ABSENT.

The school recognizes that it is sometimes necessary for parents to absent their children for reasons other than those cited above. If possible, arrangements should be made before the absence occurs. Consideration will be given on an individual basis. The principal and classroom teachers must be contacted, stating the reason for the absence and the proposed duration. Failure to make advance arrangements may be sufficient cause for classifying an absence as unexcused.

If a student exceeds nine absences during a single semester you may petition for credit. Petition forms will show the specific days the student was absent or tardy. When the form is completed it will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees if denied at the building level. 


A tardy is defined as the appearance of a student after the scheduled time that a class begins. The school day begins at 8:25 A.M. for all students. Students who are tardy must secure an admit slip from the office before going to class.

In case of habitual tardiness (5 within the 9 week grading period) parents will have to conference with the principal. Five tardies within the nine week grading period will equal one absence.

To assist in ensuring the best education possible, parents are encouraged to work closely with the school regarding the attendance of their child.


The principal may suspend or recommend expulsion of a student who engages in one or more of the following specific activities while in school buildings, on school grounds, in school vehicles, or during a school-sponsored activity. Suspension or expulsion shall be mandatory for serious violations in a school building or on school property.

1. Causing or attempting to cause damage to school property or stealing or attempting to steal school property of value.
2. Causing or attempting to cause damage to private property or stealing or attempting to steal private property.
3. Commission of any acts which, if committed by an adult, would be robbery or assault as defined by state law.
4. Violation of criminal law which has an immediate effect on the school or on the general safety or welfare of students or staff.
5. Violation of district policy or building regulations.
6. Violation of the district’s policy on dangerous weapons in the schools or on school grounds.
7. Violation of the district’s alcohol use/drug abuse policy. Expulsion shall be mandatory for sale
of drugs or controlled substances, in accordance with state law.
8. Violation of the district’s smoking and use of tobacco policy.
9. Violation of the district’s policy on sexual harassment.
10. Throwing objects unless part of a supervised school activity that can cause bodily injury or damage property.
11. Directing profanity, vulgar language or obscene gestures toward other students, school personnel, or visitors to the school.
12. Engaging in verbal abuse, i.e. name calling, ethnic or racial slurs, or derogatory statements addresses publicly to others that precipitate disruption of the school program or incite violence.
13. Committing extortion, coercion or blackmail, i.e. obtaining money or other objects of value from an unwilling person or forcing an individual to act through the use of force or threat of force.
14. Lying or giving false information, either verbally or in writing, to a school employee or other personnel authorized to work in the schools.
15. Scholastic dishonesty, which includes but is not limited to cheating on a test, plagiarism or unauthorized collaboration with another person in preparing written work.
16. Continued willful disobedience or open and persistent defiance of proper authority including deliberate refusal to obey a member of the school staff.
17. Behavior which is detrimental to the welfare, safety, or morals of other students or school personnel.
18. Repeated interference with the school’s ability to provide educational opportunities to other students.

Each principal shall post a copy of these rules in a prominent place in each school and shall distribute a copy to each student. Copies also shall be available to any patron of the district upon request.

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